Voice Recorder Jammer

VRJ05 MINI Voice Recording Jammer

Item No.: CKJ-VRJ05
All-in-one unique design nylon cover portable 5G mobile phone signal Jammer with 16 antnnas ,jamming up to 25m for 2G, 3G, 4G 5GLTE, blocker LOJACK GPS, Wi-Fi 5G UHF/VHF signals too, Built-in big battery working 2.5+hours.
VRJ05 MINIBrief Introduction of Recording Jammer

VRJ05 MINI air purifier type recording jammer is a product based on VRJ05 type. Its volume reaches 12*12*19 cm. It is more beautiful in a small conversation scene. In addition, there are 27 launching terminals, 9 on each side and three on all sides. The product takes into account the best performance and economy, and the shield effect can be guaranteed. Barrier, small appearance, simple and generous.
VRJ05 MINI recorder jammer is a new product of recorder jammer series. It is suitable for leading office, small talk room and other occasions.

The advantages of this product are as follows:
Good concealment: air purifier is used as the appearance of the product, which is the same as ordinary air purifier on the surface, and adds background noise, which is very concealed.
The interference effect is stronger: Compared with other products in the series, the output interference signal power is larger, so the noise signal picked up by the recording equipment is stronger, and the interference effect is stronger.
The interference distance is longer and the angle is wider: the interference distance on each side is 1.5-3 meters, and the interference on three sides is 180 degrees.
Coverage equipment has a wider scope: for all kinds of current mainstream recording equipment, air purifier version recording jammer can interfere with, its coverage rate can reach more than 95%, far higher than similar products on the market.

Technical parameters:
The shape of the product is well concealed, and it can be closer to the people who may record, and the effect is better!
projectperformance parameter
Types of interferenceSound Acquisition Equipment for Mobile Phone, Recording Pen, etc.
Distance of interference1.5-3m
Angle of action180 degree
Opening modeNon-gear remote control opening
Product size19*12*12CM
ambient temperature-40℃~55℃
relative humidity35~85%
Power Consumption of Power Supply120W
Power inputAC 100V~240V
Power OutputDC 12v 12.5A

Packaging instructions :Protective box
Scope of application:
Court, battle room, confidential meeting room, office, bidding room, negotiation room and other places to prevent illegal recording.


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